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O'Neil De Noux


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LaStanza Series Novels

These novels are as realistic as possible.  If there's one thing I know, it's how a cop thinks and what a cop feels.  Some of it isn't pretty.  The language is harsh.  The novels are not politically correct.  There's sex, violence and a continuing love story.

On this page you'll find my five published novels.  NO, this is not the end of my production of novels.

My literary agent is shopping the next LaStanza novel, along with a John Raven Beau novel, a caper novel and a gritty suspense novel set in 1947 New Orleans.

The LaStanza Series Novels are crime fiction, strong on setting and featuring the accurate dialogue of the streets.

GRIM REAPER  (1988; Zebra Books, New York)

Lauded for its hyper-realistic description of homicide work, my first novel began the adventures of New Orleans Police Homicide Detective Dino LaStanza as he searches for a heinous murderer of women.

THE BIG KISS (1990; Zebra Books, New York)

Detective LaStanza is drawn into a deadly confrontation with an out-of-control La Cosa Nostra hit man.

BLUE ORLEANS (1991; Zebra Books, New York)

Throws LaStanza into the midst of a Latin American killing circle and the alluring, young daughter of a murder victim. This book received critical praise for its strong setting, compared favorably to the Bond novels of Ian Fleming.

CRESCENT CITY KILLS (1992; Zebra Books, New York)

Murder victims, dumped along a barren stretch of river batture in Algiers, have one ally left, an unrelenting Det. LaStanza who refuses to quit in his dogged pursuit of justice. This novel received critical praise for its gritty portrayal of police investigations.

THE BIG SHOW (1998, Pontalba Press, New Orleans)

While pursuing a cunning rapist-murder terrorizing New Orleans, LaStanza and his partners are drawn into a racially-charged murder investigation. In Homicide, where few detectives work one case at a time, detectives push themselves to their limits to bring murderers to justice.

Grim Reaper
First Novel in LaStanza Series




The Big Kiss