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I have two stories forthcoming in ALFRED HITCHCOCK MYSTERY MAGAZINE:

"Pretty Rita" a John Raven Beau mystery.  My first Hurricane Rita story.  Remember Rita?  She was bigger and badder than Katrina.

"They Called Her The Gungirl" a Lucien Caye Private-eye story set in 1947.


I have a number of recurring characters in the short stories.

John Raven Beau (Half-Cajun and Half-Sioux)  is a New Orleans Police officer who becomes a homicide detective. 

Jacques Dugas is an NOPD detective working in the 1890s.

Lucien Caye is a New Orleans Private-eye working in the 1940s.

Dino LaStanza (as Sicilian as they come) is an NOPD officer who becomes a homicide detective, eventually resigns and works as a PI.

Jodie Kintyre, an NOPD homicide detective, partner of LaStanza first and then Beau.

NEWEST is Hunter Bourget, retired NOPD detective, working as a police investigator at Cajun State University.

American Casanova – The New Adventures of the Legendary Lover  A Collaboration of 15 Writers Directed by Maxim Jakubowski (Avalon Publishing, New York, 2006).  My contribution is a chapter set in one of New Orleans’s above-ground cemeteries.

Mafia Aphrodite (Neon Books, a Division of Orion Publishing Group, London, UK, 2007).  A comic-sexy romp along the pre-Katrina Mississippi Gulf Coast where the daughter of a Mafia Don just may be a modern Goddess of Desire. UNFORTUNATELY, Orion Books cancelled the Neon line.  I'm still crestfallen.

Raider for life!


DERRINGER Award Winner

The Short Mystery Fiction Society awarded their 2009 DERRINGER Awards for best short mystery fiction on May 1st.  My story, “Too Wise” won the BEST NOVELETTE category.  The DERRINGER Awards are given annually to recognize excellence in the mystery short story form, America’s unique contribution to literature as Edgar Allan Poe is credited with developing the modern ‘detective story’.  DERRINGER Awards are given in four categories:


BEST FLASH STORY (Up to 1,000 words) won by "No Place Like Home" by Dee Stuart Published in MYSTERICAL- E


BEST SHORT STORY (1,001 to 4,000 words) won by "The Cost of Doing Business" by Mike Penncavage Published in THUGLIT


BEST LONG STORY (4,001 to 8,000) won by "The Quick Brown Fox" by Robert S. Levinson Published in ALFRED HITCHCOCK MYSTERY MAGAZINE


BEST NOVELETTE (8,001 to 17,500 words) won by "Too Wise" by O’Neil De Noux Published in ELLERY QUEEN MYSTERY MAGAZINE


One of my all-time favorite writers, Clark Howard was the 2009 Recipient of the EDWARD D. HOCH MEMORIAL GOLDEN DERRINGER AWARD FOR LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT.


Another of my stories, “The Bonnie and Clyde Caper,” which appeared in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine’s August 2008 Issue, was nominated in another DERRINGER category (BEST LONG STORY) but was beat out by Robert S. Levinson’s excellent story “The Quick Brown Fox.”  In 2007, my story “The Heart Has Reasons” won the Private Eye Writers of America’s SHAMUS Award for BEST SHORT STORY.  Both “Too Wise” and “The Heart Has Reasons” are Lucien Caye Private-eye stories set in 1940s New Orleans.  NEW ORLEANS CONFIDENTIAL, a collection of Lucien Caye stories, was published by PointBlank Press in 2006.

Proud to have worked at Pulphouse Publishing