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O'Neil De Noux


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Short Story Collections

New Orleans Mysteries (2009, a KINDLE Book from

This collection of mystery stories set in New Orleans features four recurring characters — 1940s Private-eye Lucien Caye, 1890s NOPD Detective Jacques Dugas as well as NOPD Homicide Detectives John Raven Beau and Dino LaStanza (he’s back!).  There are also a couple ghost stories, a maniac story, the gold bug of Jean Lafitte, a man with moon hands and a future-cop story with a guy named Max.

New Orleans Mysteries A KINDLE Book from

New Orleans Confidential (2006, PointBlank Press)

A collection of 1940’s noir private-eye short stories.  Come prowl the lonely, sometimes violent streets of America’s most exotic city with lone-wolf private eye Lucien Caye.  From Publisher’s Weekly, 3/13/06: “Former homicide detective De Noux turns out an engaging, fast-paced collection of stories featuring private eye and womanizer extraordinaire Lucien Caye as he tracks philandering husbands, possible murderers and missing cats. Set predominantly against the rich backdrop of 1940s New Orleans, these stories-abounding with ample bosoms and willing women-are fun, and the author knows his stuff when it comes to the Big Easy.”

New Orleans Irresistible (2006, EAA Signature Series Books)

A collection of erotic detective stories.

New Orleans Irresistible at Amazon Edit Link

New Orleans Irresistible at Lulu

Hollow Point/The Mystery of Rochelle Marais (2000, Gryphon Books, 2000)

Two novellas. Det LaStanza tracks a loathsome killer. NOPD Det. Jacques Dugas investigates a murder in 1891 New Orleans.

LaStanza: New Orleans Police Stories (1999, Pontalba Press)

Collection of seventeen short stories, chronicling New Orleans police work in the 1970s and 1980s, features six unpublished LaStanza stories.  A number of these tales have received critical acclaim. The Collection itself received an ‘A’ rating byEntertainment Weekly Magazine. Mr. De Noux adapted one of the LaStanza stories “Waiting for Alaina” into a screenplay, which was filmed in New Orleans and broadcast on local TV in 2001.

As of May 2009, I've had 203 short stories published (many reprinted for a total of 307 sales) in multiple genres: mystery, fantasy, horror, western, science fiction, historical fiction, literary, children’s fiction, mainstream fiction, religious, humor, romance and erotica.  Some stories are cross-genre pieces.

My stories have appeared in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Sweden and Ukraine.






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