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O'Neil De Noux Short Stories

Pinning the Rapa short story in ALFRED HITCHCOCK MYSTERY MAGAZINE, Jul/August 2005 Issue
A woman is murdered and the suspect is caught immediately. Only Dets. Jodie Kintyre and John Raven Beau wonder why there is so much evidence at the murder scene. They've never known anyone to be framed for a murder, not in real life anyway, and suspect that someone's pinned the rap on the guy they arrested.

A Good Shooting a short story in ALFRED HITCHCOCK MYSTERY MAGAZINE, Jan/Feb 2005 Issue
An armed robber is shot by police. As Det. John Raven Beau handles this justifiable homicide, he discovers something amiss.

Cruelty the Human Heart a short story in ARGOSY Magazine
A tale of human cruelty in the swamps of south Louisiana, where one man struggles to end the cruel ways of another.

The Gorilla Murdersa short story in ALFRED HITCHCOCK MYSTERY MAGAZINE.
A killer stalks the rooftops of the old French Quarter in 1889 New Orleans. Eye-witnesses swear it is a gorilla, a hulking, furry beast with red eyes and hands powerful enough to snap a human neck. Det. Jacques Dugas must track down this heinous killer before it strikes again.

Tracks of Shining Whitea short story in OCEANS OF THE MIND (Trantor Publications).
If there aren’t supposed to be any snakes on Planet Octavion, then what are those huge slimy creatures chasing three boys through a cavern in Russet Butte?

General Order No. 28 - a short story in ELLERY QUEEN MYSTERY MAGAZINE.
Was the murder of a young U.S. Army lieutenant the result of General Butler’s insulting order, that any New Orleans woman who gave insult or showed contempt to any U.S. soldier was to be treated as a "woman of the town plying her avocation?"

Expect Consequences - a short story in FEDORA 2 Anthology (edited by Michael Bracken. Bentancourt & Company, 2003).
Lucien Caye shows how a criminal should expect the consequences of his deeds, not just some of the consequences, but all of them.

Don’t Make Me Take Off My Sunglassesa short story in ALFRED HITCHCOCK MYSTERY MAGAZINE
In Charity Hospital’s ER, a man dies of a gunshot wound. John Raven Beau finds the man’s nervous friend and over-possessive girlfriend in the waiting room with a suspicious story. Wearing new extra-dark Ray Ban sunglasses, Beau wants to solve this case quickly before his anger makes him take off his sunglasses and he has to get down to serious police business.

Death on Denial - a short story in FLESH & BLOOD: DARK DESIRES Anthology (Mysterious Press) and in THE BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES 2003 Anthology (Houghton-Mifflin).
What do an aging mobster, a hired killer and an alluring temptress packing a Beretta and calling herself Stella Dauphine have in common, besides sex and murder?

Dive Inn - a short story in EROTIC NEW ORLEANS Anthology (Pontalba Press) and also published in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST NEW EROTICA 3 (Carroll & Graf, 2003).
Trying to solve a murder, N.O.P.D. Homicide Detective John Raven Beau discovers a bed-and-breakfast specializing in nude massages of bored housewives.

Waiting for Alaina - a short story in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF LEGAL THRILLERS (Robinson Publishing, 2003).
N.O.P.D. Homicide Detective LaStanza matches wits with a gangster-lawyer who just happens to be the boyfriend of LaStanza's beautiful cousin, Alaina. Waiting for her, gives LaStanza the opportunity to discover why the lawyer's name is written inside the shoe of a murder victim.

The Killer - a short story in NEFARIOUS TALES OF MYSTERY (
Police Officers Al Mercier and Sam Costanza corner a cop-killer in a run-down fishing camp during a steamy, nerve-wracking New Orleans night.

Friscoville - a short story on THRILLING DETECTIVE Magazine (
Hardboiled P.I. Lucien Caye has a soft spot for women and children, especially for a little girl searching for her missing cat.

Walk in the Rain on the Wild Side - a short story in NOIROTICA3 Anthology (Black Books) and also published in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST NEW EROTICA (Carroll & Graf).
A pretty woman, a shrinking dress, two leering men, a rainstorm and a wet walk along the wilder side.

Lair of the Red Witch - a short story in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF SHORT EROTIC NOVELS Anthology (Carroll & Graf).
P.I. Lucien Caye is hired to explain the lure of a dark-haired beauty who calls herself a love sorceress.

Erotophobia - a short story in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF NEW EROTICA Anthology (Carroll & Graf).
P.I. Lucien Caye is embroiled in an erotic murder during the steamy, New Orleans summer of 1948.

Whispers in Walled Tombs - a short story in LOVE IN VEIN II Anthology (HarperPrism)
What better cover for vampires - cops in the Crescent City?

Upon a Painted Ocean - a short story in FANTASTIC STORIES OF THE IMAGINATION Magazine (Summer 2002 Issue).
There isn’t supposed to be any human-like creatures indigenous to the distant planet Octavion. But Sam’s brother Troy is in love with a blue-skinned woman who lives beneath the shimmering water of the Painted Ocean.

Except for the Ghosts - a short story in CRIMESTALKER CASEBOOK Magazine, Vol. 4, No. 2, December 2002 Issue.
As a professional hit-man waits for the woman he’s hired to kill, he’s reminded of another woman and another time.

Vermilion Baya short story in Conversely Magazine (November 2002 Issue).
When a bi-plane lands near Vermilion Bay, a young Cajun fisherman named Louis meets a woman with more than one secret, a woman who shows Louis the meaning of love.

Tyrannous and Stronga short story posted on
When a tyrannosaur crosses the narrows to MacIntyre’s island, there is only one thing to do. Hunt and kill it. Only a tyrannosaur is hard to kill and MacIntyre soon becomes the hunted.

Bluegums - a short story in CITY SLAB Magazine, Vol. 1, #2 (February 2003 Issue).
P.I. Lucien Caye is back, escorting a voluptuous woman to the bayous of south Louisiana where death awaits, along with mysterious creatures called Bluegums, part zombie – part sex maniac.

Hollow Point / The Mystery of Rochelle Marais - Gryphon Double Novel #21 from Gryphon Books , Brooklyn, NY.
Det. LaStanza and partner track down a heinous killer.
Det. Dugas investigates the untimely murder of a beautiful woman in 1891 New Orleans.

So Napoleon Almost Slept Here, Right? - a short story in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF FUTURE COPS Anthology (Carroll & Graf).
Futuristic New Orleans Detective Max Brouillette must solve a ten-year old murder that occurred in a building nearly two-hundred years old.

The Iberville Mistress - a short story in FLESH & BLOOD: GUILTY AS SIN Anthology (Mysterious Press)
P.I. Lucien Caye works the kind of case he hates to work, a cheating husband case, and discovers there’s more than one secret kept by the seductive Iberville Mistress.

Bet the Devil - a short story in CRIMESTALKER CASEBOOK Magazine, Vol. 5, No. 1, February 2003 Issue.
A frustrated writer wants to kill someone – badly!


Nude in Magenta - a short story in HOT BLOOD XI: FATAL ATTRACTIONS Anthology (Kensington Publishing).
A sexy model and her photographer know how to use voyeurism to solve a crime.

The Flying Lady Diner - a short story in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF TALES FROM THE ROAD Anthology (Carroll & Graf).
On a rainy, summer day in 1948, Private-Eye Joe Torres stops at a road-side diner in rural southern Mississippi while working a missing person case and discovers more than he bargained for.

Popcorn for Christmas - a short story in CHRISTMAS STORIES FROM LOUISIANA Anthology (University of Mississippi Press, 2003)
Some sick bastard’s throwing a party in the morgue on Christmas Eve!